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Please note that email orders and orders through this form are best suited for advance orders. Same-day orders may not be received in time to be filled - please call. An email confirmation will be sent to you when the order is attended to.

Minimum order for free delivery within Stamford is $30 for breakfast and $50 for lunch. A delivery charge of up to $5 will be added for orders below the minimum.

We accept cash, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and company checks.
Company accounts can be set up automatically with the information submitted on this form.

You may enter a Credit Card number in the Special Delivery Instructions field, which will only be available to management of the Sandwich Maestro. Credit Card information should include card number, expiration date CV code and billing address. Or, if you prefer, call your credit card number in to us at 325-0802 and we can bring your receipt with your order.

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(If entering credit card information here, please include card number, expiration date CV code and billing address.)

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