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Bagel or Thomas® English Muffin with Butter $1.75
Croissant with Butter $1.99
Bread, Toast or Roll with Butter $1.50
        with Peanut Butter add 60¢
        with Jelly add 30 ¢
        with Cream Cheese add 60¢
Home Baked Muffin $2.39
Raisin Scone $1.99
Coffee Cake $2.25
Filled Croissant $2.69
Scrambled Eggs (2) on Bread or Roll $2.99
(with American Cheese or tomatoes)
        on Bagel, Croissant or English Muffin add 60¢
        with ham or bacon add $1.50
        egg whites (3) add $1.00

Breakfast Platters to go or delivered
($30 minimum for FREE delivery, available 7am to 11:00am.
Orders below $30, up to $5 delivery charge)

An Assortment of fresh Bagels, Croissants, Gourmet Breakfast Breads & Rolls, Danish, Scones, Coffee Cakes and Muffins elegantly arranged on a platter $1.50-$2.69 per piece

Or try our petite items for ease of handling and a good assortment for sampling 95¢ per piece, 20 piece minimum
(We suggest 4 to 8 pieces per person depending on additional items.)

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad Bowl $8.95 per lb., Platter $9.95 per lb.
(serves 3 to 4)

Sliced Breakfast Ham platter $5.95 per person

Atlantic Smoked Salmon platter $6.95 per person

House-made quiches with custom filling:
Whole Quiche $24.95 (serves 8) 24 hours advance notice required
Petite Quiche $2.95 (20 minimum) 1 week advance notice required

Coffee in Urns $16.95 (10-cup), $34.95 (30-cup)
Cofee in a box $24.95

Hot Tea./Hot Chocolate (5 cup minimum) $1.95 per person

Assorted Yogurt Cups and Juices also available.